Native Americans Deserve a Voice in Congress

The history of the United States VS its indigenous population is one that politicians like Obama would call unsettling.  Another more forceful reader of history might call that history unjust, and an idealist would call it genocide.

So hasn’t the time come to realize that the hundreds of tribes which are in fact Nation-States within the borders of the USA, and 5-6 million people and many more of mixed blood who can call themselves Native Americans, have a voice in governing the USA?  Should not seats in both houses be reserved for the Tribes (Tribe is analogous to Nation) that make up the remnants of the estimated 50 million people who were living in America at the time Columbus landed on an island in the Bahamas?  It is said that the USA Government has never kept one treaty with the Native Americans.  Yet treaties which are routinely scuttled by presidents who prefer a different policy, are according to the constitution, the highest law of the land.  That means a president that disregards a treaty should be impeached.  If there is a violation of the law that is to be determined after the impeachment.  Bush should have been impeached for violating the many treaties signed against torture.  Truman violated our agreements with the Soviet Union.  Neither were considered impeachable offenses by the Congress.  Needless to say no one was ever impeached for violating a treaty with the Indians.  With Native American representatives in Congress that might change.

The exact number of Native Americans living at the time of the Columbus land fall is a matter for historians to debate.  Slaughter, sickness, suicide and slavery more than decimated the population of Native Americans quickly.  Right wing historians who justify the slaughter like to say only 8 to 12 million Indians were alive at the time.  On the other hand liberal historians believe over 100 million tribesman were alive when the Europeans started to arrive in droves.  Native Americans watched that number quickly fall by 50%.  Small pox alone cut down the majority of the Native population in a matter of a few years.

Today the once great Tribes are proud trees growing in the desert that has become post WWII America.

Our country and our planet need to hear their wisdom.  We need to learn how to live in harmony with our land and ourselves.  These were the fundamental governing ideals of Native American peoples.  They were shocked over and over again by the callous disregard for all life, human, animal and plant by the Seekers of the Yellow Dust.

It would be great to see each state apportion 10 percent of its House vote to the Tribes of that state.  In the Senate a third senator from each state representing not the moneyed interests of corporate America but the trees, roots, animals and peoples of the States within a State could be elected by a people from the Tribes of each and every state.

This would insure that a different voice was heard on the life or death issues facing America and this planet today.  Who better to ask about environmental destruction than the people who lived in harmony with the land for untold millenniums?  While blacks have rebounded from slavery and now have stuck there foot in the door, Native Americans still live in miserable conditions, are hounded by drug abuse (alcohol) and denied both their tribal wisdom and a good white European education.

Since it is universally agreed the public schools are in marked decline why not use the Native American schools which can be funded and run by the US government on the land of Tribal Nations within our Nation to set an example for others to follow.  Let the American children learn their Native language, English and a third language.  Let them immerse themselves for half the year in their own history and culture and a half a year in a “normal” education.  In a few short years Native Americans would be the best educated people in the USA.

The environmental wisdom of the Indians may be the greatest gift we have for the world, lets nurture and explore the sacred teachings of the many Peoples of the Americas.  The time has come for another constitutional convention.  The Citizens United decision by the quasi fascists on the Supreme Court can only be undone by the Citizens of the USA through a constitutional amendment see:  In conjunction with that further changing the constitution to give Native Americans a voice in their own government, updating the second amendment, clarifying what the free press means in the internet era, spelling out what a free public education is and guaranteeing its quality, rebooting the Post Office to offer email that is free from corporate spies and eliminating K street lobbyists from the evil and untoward influence on policies are items that a new constitutional convention could and should address.

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