Why Are the People With Money and Power Opposed to “ObamaCare”?

Why They Fear and What They Fear About “ObamaCare”

This is reality?  A nation of angry poor white folk and wealthy rich white folk join hands and march for political change.  We Shall Overcome, they sing.  A movement born in blood to save liberty herself?  Jefferson would be proud?   At any moment Joan Baez will sing Blowin’ In The Wind on the streets of Texas.  All this for what?  Oh, to prevent Health Insurance Companies from complying with a set of regulations that are nothing more than common sense.

To wit:  Well Point Insurance wrote a computer program that scanned their database of their insured.  The program looked for evidence of breast cancer in women.  All women with that history had their policies cancelled, savings at least $100,000 per insured.  That is what the insurance companies call the free market.  Libertarians, Republicans, Chicago School of Economics (Milton Friedman’s followers), Ayn Rand cultists, like Greenspan and Paul Ryan, call that enlightened self-interest.  Normal people call that insanity.  But that is what the Tea Bag Nation is fighting for.  Mighty Whitey is up in arms to prevent a few insurance companies from having to follow common sense rules.  I won’t go into the specifics of ObamaCare here, but, trust me, this is not FDR, LBJ, RFK or JFK CARE.  It is ObamaCare.  It is a Republican program and policy that was designed and implemented by Romney in Massachusetts.  There is nothing left-wing about the entire program.  It is merely tries to civilize crony/monopoly capitalism.  All first world countries have free national health care.  We are the single exception because we now have an oligarchy that has one goal.  And that oligarchy is becoming more powerful every year.  That goal is shared and supported by the right-wing radio echo chamber among others.  Though America is far more Democratic than Republican, 90 percent of the radio talk shows are right-wing extremists.  Not middle of the road Republicans, but Tea Baggers, Ayn Rand cultists, Neo-Cons and fascists.  That goal is supported by both Cable and over the air TV.  The TV corporate media supports wholeheartedly the unfettered free market ideas of the Tea Baggers.  Well dressed sociopaths calmly articulate a coherent message that resonates across all the news channels in support of these ideas.  The talking points are created by think tanks funded by the Koch Brothers, gun lobby, oil industry and other organizations that want no regulation on business.  (And no government support for the poor and needy.)  The TV media tolerates the loony social and religious cults that both frames this propaganda in simple terms of good vs evil and provides psycho foot soldiers for an otherwise army of fat cats, economic royalty and greedy rich people.

The TV media repeatedly quotes Republican insiders and their power broker consultants who lament like haggard old testament prophets the inexorable doom ObamaCare presents not just to America but to Earth itself.

A rational person has to ask:  “Why the hyperbole?”

What is ObamaCare and why is it such a threat to people who already have  more money and power than they will ever need?

The ObamaCare Act is not a health care act.  It does nothing to improve the dismal quality of health care in the USA.  No effort is made to have doctors treat disease appropriately, to prescribe drugs only when needed, to do know harm, and to prevent disease.  A simple report from Reuters in June of 2010 says it well enough:  “(Reuters) – Americans spend twice as much as residents of other developed countries on healthcare, but get lower quality, less efficiency and have the least equitable system, according to a report released on Wednesday.”   June 23, 2010-Reuters.

So what does ObamaCare, this great threat to freedom, actually do?  ObamaCare regulates the Health Insurance industry.  That is all.  The Health Insurance industry is a multibillion dollar industry which takes money out of health care and gives it to people who make lots and lots of money doing administrative work.  Medicare for example has a 3 percent overhead costs.  Private Insurance until ObamaCare could take as much out of the health care dollar as they could get away with.  That was the free market approach.  Under ObamaCare they can only skim off 20 percent of the premiums for private purposes.  Keep in mind this is almost 7 times the cost of government-run health programs.  Most of that money goes to a few wealthy people who in turn support politicians that make sure the flow continues.  Money flows from the poor and middle classes to a few wealthy people.

So why is ObamaCare such a big deal to powerful rich people?  Their one goal is to increase the amount of money and power that they have and of necessity decrease the amount of money and power that the 99 percent of other American’s have.

ObamaCare prevents things like having one CEO pay himself 1.4 billion dollars a year for his work of administering health care.  Now Insurance companies must use 80 percent of their premiums for health care costs.  Overhead is limited to twenty percent.

Of a sudden money and power are now flowing from Insurance executives back to their insured.  Ever so slightly the poor are getting richer and the rich are getting less richer.

That is what they hate about this bill.

It was said that FDR saved capitalism from itself.  Obama maybe doing the same.  Our healthcare system is a joke. Health care is terrible. Mental health care is worse than terrible.  A progressive candidate running on a “Medicare For All and Mental Health Care For All” platform could easily have won the next election.  And we could have a host of progressive reforms.  We could have reinstated Glass-Steagall, reduced the size of the military, closed outdated and unneeded WWII bases overseas, set a minimum social security benefit equal to the minimum wage, and raised the minimum wage substantially.  In fact Obama could have easily been the second FDR but he chose to be the first black president instead.  He is a conservative, right of center Democrat, who if he had not been born black or of a mixed race would have been a conservative Republican (if born all white).

As a result he is saving all the Insurance executives, Big Pharma, hospital “administrators” (who are now the highest paid professionals in the USA) and medical device manufacturers from themselves.

A Medicare for all system could have cut their profits to the bone by negotiating good deals for the tax payers.  But Obama left in place a grossly inefficient system that spins off multimillionaires while casting the uninsured and those incapable of dealing with the system to an early grave.

So why do they hate ObamaCare?  Because the tsunami of deregulation that has disemboweled America since Reagan stole the election from Carter has just been slowed down.  Money is flowing from the rich insurance companies back to their insured.  This marks a change in direction.  Their howls for deregulation and lower taxes on the rich as a solution for every problem now will have some people thinking the contrary.  “Well, regulation helped health care so maybe…”.

The great fear of the MultiNational corporations who control America is that this will wake people up.  They will realize that for thirty plus years the simple sayings, bumper sticker logic, and foolish policies that have led to financial decline for 99 percent of America are in fact based on policies that are easily changed.  Policies which benefit the superrich instead of the poor and middle class have caused the decline, not taxes on estates of .01 percent of the country, or health care programs.  The Christians who form the base for the support of these destructive policies will start to read the Bible and ponder:  “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Are those who make millions of dollars a year like George Romney the “least among us” who need the help of the US government?  If Christians ask the right questions they will stop supporting the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party and the edifice that seems unmovable would crumble quickly.

If so the progressive political movement could be reborn.  Again why one might ask should government spend all of its time helping the people who are wealthy and successful?  Aren’t the people who need help the ones on the bottom not the top?  The re-regulation of Banks, Wall Street, Trade and Political Money could in few short years start once again redistributing the wealth downwards instead of upwards.  This would lead to a better life for the 99 percent and make for fewer billionaires who are so greedy and out of touch with reality that though they have more money than they can ever spend in 1000 lifetimes focus only on making more money, getting out of their tax obligations and doing this by any means necessary.  To them, the psychopathic rich, the ends justifies the means and Reagan and Ayn Rand have given them the moral cover for a culture of greed that is embraced by a sick media and Corporate state that Huxley would easily recognize.  That is why they hate ObamaCare, it reminds people that capitalism only works when it is heavily regulated.  And that hurts profits.

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