Apple iOS Upgrades Resemble Microsoft’s

Apple Upgrades Resemble Microsoft’s

The latest upgrade to the iPhone and iPad feature iOS 7.  There are some distinct improvements.  Mainly there is one improvement, it is easier to see the words and letters.  Otherwise the improvements are starting to look upgrades that Microsoft endlessly offered to Word and Excel.  With the Mac along about the time of Office 98 the upgrades started to be changes for the sake of change.  O 98 was a great upgrade that changed the clunky Windows like program into a superb Mac program that could have been written in Cupertino.  But then…has anyone really been excited by an Office upgrade in the last 15 years?  In both Word and Excel Microsoft began to make changes instead of upgrades.  Keystrokes meant something under the old program and then you had to learn something new.  That was an upgrade?

Now Apple is hard at it.  Among the worst feature/change is the combining of the search and internet address boxes.  When there were two boxes, your computer searched when you wanted it to search and went to a web address when you entered it.  Now you have to take time to figure out what it is going to do and then to try to choose what you want before the box closes or Safari makes a decision for you.  I find this completely annoying on the Mac and even worse on the iPhone.  In fact I don’t use the internet on the iPhone because of this.  It drives me crazy.  I can’t understand how anyone could possibly view this as an improvement.

Another change is the method to turn off ever running Apps.  Apps often run even when you leave them  This drains the battery and no doubt they are running programs to collect information which will be sold to the highest bidder.  In OS 6 double tapping the Home button brought up the troubling Apps and you could tap the “x” to turn them off.  Now you double tap the Home Button and swipe up on the mini-phone with the picture of the program.  Completely unintuitive.

The camera changes were also unintuitive.  You have to push “photo” or “square” to the spot rather than just touch what you want.  With a touch screen interface one would think that touching movie or video enabled that feature but you have to slide it along.  It seems someone at Apple is in love with sliding things on the interface.

Notes has no lines in it, which makes it harder to read?  Why one might ask.  Change for the sake of change ala Microsoft.

Other features that should be standard are hidden.  For example:  making the text bold so the tiny letters are easier to read should be the default, yet to do this you have to hunt through the settings to find the appropriate box to check and restart the device.

The one upgrade that was helpful is to make the screen easier to read.  Thanks for that.    However we are still waiting for a large phone?  Please see my other articles for an amplification of that point.

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