Eat The Rich?

These are hard times in America.  While wealthy people laugh about foreclosures and discuss how much to cut Social Security with glee, the poor keep getting poorer as the rich just keep getting richer.  The age of the Robber Barons has returned.  The billionaires in America were created not from their own work but by government grants.  Grants of land to the railroads made their owners wealthy beyond imagination.  Never in the history of the USA had so few made so much money from the government.  Years later the Russians created a similar oligarchy when the Soviet Union fell apart.  Despite this or maybe because of it the heirs of these wealthy people dread using the government to improve the life of poor folk.  It seems quite fine to help out the rich, but a mortal sin to help the poor.  Evidently the poor have God on their side so the rich need the government to balance things out.  This begs the question:



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