Take Down: Rethinking First Take Kidd, Tomlin and Jackson



Why the Cheating of Jason Kidd and Mike Tomlin Is A Big Deal Not Just Boys Being Boys


When Skip Bayless points out that Jason Kidd can’t coach S A Smith responds he is not a coach he is the face of the franchise. So his obvious lack of coaching expertise is inconsequential and he should be given time to learn the job?  But the problem there is the Nets have a one or maybe two-year window to win with a group of aging veterans.  So why would you take time to instruct Jason Kidd to coach if you own the team?  That is something only the owners can answer.

Kidd’s childish spilling of soda pop on the floor to stop the game and his gleeful remark about how he was never good with the ball show his disrespect for not just the game, but all the players on the fringe trying to make it.  And all people in this society who are playing by the rules and getting further behind everyday. That is why this is such a bid deal.  Kidd already has it made.  He probably made more money at Berkeley as a Freshman than most people earn in a lifetime.  He has been making tens of million of dollars for twenty years.  He is wealthy.  And like most wealthy people he now believes that the rules just don’t apply to him.  The 50,000 fine to him is pocket change.  He could drop that at lunch in a poker game and not think twice.

He has led a life of entitlement due to his skill with the basketball.  He went to the best high school in California, one of the best colleges, even though he could not pass the SATs, and walked a way from car accident and likely DUI which would be a felony for anyone else.

So he is entitled to cheat just for laughs.  Same with Mike Tomlin.  One set of rules for the rich and another for the poor.  Trickle down economics and trickle down justice.


That is the message that he and Mike Tomlin are sending.  They along with the CEOs from Goldman Sachs, Citibank, the Tobacco and Oil companies (among others) don’t need to play by any rules, those are for the 40% of Americans who have less in total than the 5 Walton’s who own Wal-Mart. And the other 59% of middle class Americans who have seen their incomes decline from thirty years of Reaganomics.  But not for the wealthy 1%.

That is what is so frustrating about Skip and Stephen A.. They just don’t connect the dots.  They are Gen Xers not children of the 60s and don’t see how the dots of injustice connect and how the web of economic injustice spins through all facets of society.  This was a great teaching moment that neither understood.

As far as coaching ability goes why Jason Kidd?  And why Mark Jackson?  Jackson is a pompous blow hard who is always selling.  He was part of the NBA national broadcast crew and is immune from criticism from them.  But the reality is he stumbled into the playoffs last year, and caught a break when David Lee was injured.  Putting Barnes at the 4 gave the Warriors the athleticism to defeat Karl’s collection of NBA role players that he miraculously coached to a home court advantage in the play offs.  If David Lee was not injured the Warriors would have never beaten the Nuggets.  But Jackson was forced to use Barnes at the four at the team blossomed.  They came with a hair of beating San Antonio.  If it weren’t for the horrendous coaching of Mark Jackson they might have.









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