Creating an Egalitarian Society

The main purpose of this blog is to present ideas for creating an egalitarian society.

Humor is another matter.  What and why people think something is funny is a great study.  Making people laugh is a kindness.  I hope some of the things I write are entertaining in that way.  Making people think is another matter.  People are only as smart as they need to be to survive in the culture into which they are born.  Also people believe what they are told.  That is why people have traditions and customs and have trouble thinking.  They are told these things have certain meanings and believe them.  So thinking outside the box leads to interesting conclusions.  Occasionally I hope to reach the edge of the box at least.

The political opinions expressed on this blog reflect a progressive or liberal point of view. That point of view was responsible for the great programs put in place by FDR. Since his passing the moneyed interests have reviled FDR personally and have spent billions trying to undo his programs. The extreme right-wing cultures of the United States based on fear, greed, entitlement, ignorance and lust for power are now considered normal. It will be some time before another progressive candidate wins an election in this country. Until then the voices of change like this one can find lonely homes in unread blogs on servers in a large warehouses in some forgotten decaying city.

Ideas and humor.  No particular order.  Some thoughts about how to make money in the stock market.  Some ideas about technology and the fun stuff of life.  A few ideas about healthcare which I actually know a little about.  Opinions mostly, some facts.  But really isn’t an idea somewhere between an opinion and a fact?   Taking advice from a writer on the internet on how to invest in the market is insanity.  Read about Andy Zaky.  More about him later. I would advise using a full service brokerage firm if you have a lot of money and trade a lot.  The reason is simple.  You will have an advisor that looks over your trades and gives you a second set of eyes and an opinion.  If you are doing something totally nuts, the advisor will see it.  More importantly you can shift some responsibility to the brokerage firm.  That means if you invest in Starbucks and all of a sudden the stock goes down by 50% because all of the customers come into the coffee shop with guns you might have a lawsuit that you can win and recover some if not all of your loss.  If you invest with a discount broker, no such luck.

Speculating in the stock market is gambling and gambling is fun.  That is about all I have to say about the advice on stocks and options that I give.

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