Making Money with Money

It beats working for a living.  But making money by gambling on Wall Street is very dangerous.  Only a fool would take advice from anyone on the internet.  My view of Wall Street is that “they” know more than I ever will.  Lots of money is made by inside trading and price fixing.  The SEC is essentially an owned agency.  They do nothing of significance.  The repeal of the GlassSteagall Act made it abundantly clear that Wall Street was back in charge.  The second Great Depression AKA the Great Recession was undoubtedly a certainty the moment Clinton signed the legislation.

So how can you make money by getting in a rigged poker game?

Chances are you can’t.

But some trades are slightly better than others.

From time to time I’ll recommend trades here.  They are for advanced traders who are used to loosing money on Wall Street.

Don’t blame me.

The only advice I will give is to use a full service broker if you have a lot of money.  The reason is simple.  In the advent of a disaster you can sue them to get your money back that you lost.  They have fiduciary responsibilities that the discount brokers make sure they do not.  Find a good lawyer because if you invest in stocks and options long enough you’ll be a victim.

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